Our Partners

Northwest Wildlife Preservation Society is so thankful for the opportunity to collaborate with many groups both locally and abroad. Here are some of the great partnerships we’ve recently been part of.
Institute for Environmental Learning (IEL)

Institute for Environmental Learning

The Institute for Environmental Learning (IEL) is a cutting-edge educational research group working towards a sustainable future for British Columbia (BC).

Hastings Park Conservancy

Hastings Park Conservancy

The Hastings Park Conservancy is responsible for maintaining the green spaces in Hastings Park. We uphold the mandates outlined in the trust documents and promote the vision set forth by restoration initiatives like the Greening of Hastings Park Restoration Program 1996.

Fairwind Creative - Sustainable Graphic Designer, Victoria BC

Fairwind Creative

Fairwind Creative is a pioneer of “green” graphic design, and is on a mission to provide environmentally conscious graphic design services for business of all shapes and sizes. They offer 100% wind and solar powered web hosting and forest-friendly print design, and donate 5% of earnings to One Tree Planted, with projects across the globe, and also support a variety of local and international environmental protection organizations.

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