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About our Environmental Education Programs

Through engaging education and stewardship programs, Northwest Wildlife Preservation Society introduces British Columbians to the wonders of the natural world to encourage understanding of and an enduring respect for wildlife in the Pacific Northwest. Our three main programs are Wildlife in the Schools, Nature Walks & Workshops, and Youth Environmental Leadership. All programs are offered year-round. Thanks to our generous corporate and foundation grantors and individual donors, programs are free of charge to inner-city school children and youth, as well as other at-risk/disadvantaged/marginalized groups to ensure everyone is given an equal opportunity to understand their interconnected relationship with wildlife and the importance of protecting it. For groups more fortunate, we request a modest honorarium to help cover our costs. We work with all kinds of groups including but not limited to public and private school classes, First Nations groups, summer camps, youth groups, boy/girl scouts, retirement homes, and new immigrants.

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Contact us via the information below. If contacting us to request a program booking, please let us know the following information:
  1. Preferred date and time for program
  2. Group grade/age, and number of participants
  3. Preferred program type and topic (see information below)
  4. Please let us know if your group is inner-city/low income and eligible for a free program, or if you will be providing us with an honorarium (see below for pricing) to help cover our costs with providing the program
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Wildlife in the Schools Programs

School-aged children learn about wildlife in these engaging programs tailored to groups from K to 12. With many programs to choose from, these highly interactive hour-long sessions are a wonderful way for children to learn about the incredible biodiversity we have in BC and Alberta. Program topics include: Bats; Bear; BC Wildlife; Endangered Species; Urban Wildlife; Salmon; and, Climate Change. Programs continue to be developed so please contact us if you don’t see a program that fits your needs (

Thanks to generous donations from our Foundation, Corporate and Individual donors, these programs are offered free of charge to inner city schools and disadvantaged groups. For those able to contribute we ask a modest honorarium of $150 per program to cover our costs.

Nature Walks & Workshops

Our Nature Walks & Workshops provide first-hand experience learning about wildlife during a full-day outdoor class and field workshop in a regional park or natural space. Participants are engaged in discussions about natural history, wildlife behaviour, animal adaptations, biodiversity, threats to the environment and engage in discussions around solutions to these issues. Learning about wildlife in this setting allows participants to use all of their senses to understand the environment and to become connected with the natural world that surrounds them.

Increased stress on our natural world has resulted in a growing need for environmental education and activities that work with nature. Children, especially, are becoming more disconnected from the natural environment, particularly those living in large cities where natural spaces not easily accessible. Many city residents are unaware of the impacts their actions have on wildlife and natural spaces. Our programs offer participants the opportunity to get acquainted with the natural environment connecting them to the incredible biodiversity we are fortunate to have in BC and Alberta. We feel these programs are pivotal to creating passion for preservation in our future generation of leaders.

Thanks to generous donations from our Foundation, Corporate and Individual donors, these programs are offered free of charge to inner city schools and disadvantaged groups.

Youth Environmental Leadership Programs

Our Youth Environmental Leadership Program us innovative, extensive and hands-on. It provides youth, aged 9 to 14, the opportunity to participate in real conservation work that they design and lead under the guidance of our Wildlife Educators. Students learn how important healthy habitats are to the sustainability of many threatened plants, animals species and the entire ecosystem. Participants learn how conserving and restoring wild habitats can help mitigate the effects of climate change as well as provide sanctuary to various wildlife species that have previously been extirpated from an area.

Our programs are inclusive and provide opportunity for children with all types of learning abilities to get involved. Students acquire and enhance many skills related to biology, environmental science, ecology and chemistry. It also provides healthy, active living as students are outdoors completing physical activities such as water and soil testing, invasive plant and garbage removal.

These programs are provided by our Foundation and Corporate donors who fund the complete cost of delivery. Currently no funding has been secured but we have a wait-list of interested schools so please contact us ( if you would like to be included.

Nature Walks
Wildlife in the Schools programs
NWPS nature walks and workshops

Program Topics

Grizzly Bear Species Report


This program explores bears around the world as well as those in our backyard. Over the course of this presentation you will learn about the 8 species around the globe and dive deeper into those found in Canada. Learn about adaptations, diets, and differences between these bear species and what it takes for them to survive.

Little Brown Bat Species Report


Learn about one of the most misunderstood creatures on our planet: BATS! Within this presentation we will learn about the two different types of bats, echolocation, adaptations, anatomy, and why it is so important for our planet to have healthy bat populations!

Wild Salmon Spawning


Swim through the waterways with Pacific salmon as we learn about this incredible species' journey to the sea and their return back home. In our salmon program, we will be learning about the fascinating life cycle of salmon and how important they are to British Columbian ecosystems.

Bobcat Species Report

BC Wildlife

British Columbia is home to more species than the rest of Canada combined! In this presentation we learn about the wildlife that lives here. Journeying across the province, through the oceans, forests and grasslands, we will meet some of the diverse and fascinating species, to better understand their habitat, life cycles and the science behind their adaptations that help them to live in British Columbia.

Urban Wildlife

Learn about the common species found in your neighbourhood! This program varies by location but often highlights common species found in urban areas such as corvid birds, squirrels, sparrows, woodpeckers, raccoons, coyotes, bears, and deer. Learn about the impressive behaviours and high levels of adaptation needed to excel as an urban wildlife species.

Vancouver Island Marmot Species Report

Endangered Species

More and more species are being added to the endangered species list everyday. With over 40,000+ species on the endangered species list, learn about what is happening around the world that is putting our wildlife populations in danger and how these animals can be saved.

Climate Change

Now, more than ever, our planet needs us. Learn what is driving climate change, about GHG’s, data presentation, and most importantly, how we can help curb it. Due to the nature and complexity of this topic, it is best-suited for ages 10+.

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