Animals in Distress

Did you find an injured or distressed wild animal?

Northwest Wildlife Preservation Society does not rescue or rehabilitate animals but there are lots of great organizations that do. Please contact the following:

Lower Mainland

  • Wildlife Rescue Association (WRA)
    For animals found in the Lower Mainland, call the hotline at (604) 526-7275
    Learn more about what to do at
  • Orphaned Wildlife Rehab (OWL)
    For raptors found in the Lower Mainland, call (604) 946-3171
    Learn more at
  • Critter Care Wildlife Society
    For mammals found in the Lower Mainland, call (604) 530-2064
    Learn more at
  • Vancouver Aquarium Marine Mammal Rescue
    For marine mammals found in the Lower Mainland call (604) 258-SEAL (7325)
    Learn more at

Vancouver Island

  • North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre
    For wildlife found in the northern part of Vancouver Island, call (250) 248-8534
    Learn more at
  • Wild Animal Rehabilitation Centre (WildARC)
    For injured or distressed wildlife found on southern Vancouver Island, call (250) 478-WILD (9453)
    Learn more at
  • Cruelty & Wildlife Reporting Hotline
    Toll-free: 1-855-622-7722
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