Barred Owl

Strix varia

Barred owls (Strix varia) are present in nearly every forested region of North America. Due to their broad distribution across the continent, these birds are known by many different names including Swamp Owl, Wood Owl, Rain Owl and Striped Owl. These names reflect both the creature’s physical appearance, as well as its preferred habitat. Barred owls are bulky birds with large round heads, dark eyes and yellow bills. They also feature dark barring on their breasts and vertical streaking along their bellies. This species of owl can be found living in swamps, as well as dense hardwood and conifer forests.


The barred owl is relatively large compared to other species of owl. Its body is quite stocky and generally between 41-60cm long, with a short tail and a wingspan of approximately one meter. A healthy adult can weigh between 1-2.5lbs, with females often outweighing males…

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