Black Bear

Ursus americanus

Ursus americanus or, as it is commonly known to us, the black bear is the best known and the most widespread species of bear in North America. In the 1500’s there were an estimated 2 million black bears, there are around 400,000-500,000 black bears remaining today.


Black bears are medium-sized bears, usually averaging 160 kg (350 lbs). Adult black bears stand slightly over 1 meter (3 feet) at the shoulder, they walk flat-footed, and each foot is tipped by long, powerful, non-retractable claws. Males are usually around 25-40% larger than females. The coat of black bears is predominantly black, smooth and short haired, however there exist a variety of colour variations: chocolate brown, cinnamon, or silver grey tending to off-white. Black bears with white and pale blue coats, which are known respectively as the Kermode and Glacier Bears, also exist in small numbers…

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