Burrowing Owl

Athene cunicularia

The burrowing owl is a unique member of the owl family; they are different in appearance, nesting style and even their calls. These owls were once a more plentiful species during a simpler time when there was less agriculture in North America, however their numbers have decreased during this time. Currently, there has been a new effort to reintroduce these very unique owls back into parts of their former range, with the hope of one day reestablishing a self-sustaining population.


Burrowing owls have often been known as the little owl on stilts, as their long legs add very noticeable height to their body. As the name indicates, burrowing owls are different compared to other members of owl family as they nest in abandoned burrows created by other animals. They are also active during the day which is a more unusual behaviour for an owl…

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