Canada Lynx

Lynx Canadensis

The lynx is an animal that truly represents the wilderness of Canada. Sometimes called the “shadow of the forest,” lynx are secretive, elusive animals rarely observed by people. The lynx is one of three wild felids native to Canada, along with the cougar and the bobcat.


Lynx are medium sized felids with an average adult length of 74-107 cm (30-43 inches), and an average weight of 16 kg (35 pounds). This species is recognized by its grey to light brown fur colour, a short black-tipped tail, long black ear tufts, and large well-furred feet. Its close relative, the bobcat is the only other animal that can be easily confused with the lynx. Bobcats however are generally slightly smaller, have less defined ear tufts and have reddish-brown fur with more visible spots…

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