Common Dolphins

Delphinus delphis (short-beaked)

The common dolphin is a playful and intelligent animal. For fun, the common dolphin will often bow ride — riding the pressure waves generated by boats or large whales. Like most other cetaceans, it is a social animal that lives in large family groups. It has a fatty area at the front of the head called the melon that it uses for echolocation. The common dolphin is also very vocal, communicating through clicks, whistles and pulses.


The common dolphin is a small dolphin. An adult common dolphin is 1.5 to 2.5 meters (5 to 8 feet) in length, and weighs 70 to 140kg (150 to 300 pounds). The dolphin’s streamlined body is adapted to swimming over long distances. Its dorsal fin is triangular or sickle shaped…

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