Douglas Squirrel Species Report

Douglas Squirrel

Sciuridae tamiasciurus

The Douglas squirrel, like all squirrels, belongs to the order Rodentia. A common characteristic of these mammals is that they have orange front teeth which grow continuously throughout their lives and have to be kept at an adequate length. Douglas squirrels are the native squirrel species in British Columbia, unlike the introduced eastern grey squirrel that it has to compete with.


The Douglas squirrel, also known as the pine squirrel and chickaree, is mostly olive brown in colour on top, although it can also be reddish. The fur on its belly is an orange-white colour. They have white rings around their eyes. They have five toes on their hind feet and four toes on their front feet each equipped with claws. These long curved claws allow the squirrel to climb trees where it nests in the summer. The Douglas squirrel has very good hearing and keen eyesight. They are active during the day all year long, except during especially cold spells. Douglas squirrels measure about 33 cm long and weigh only around 200-250 grams…

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