Grey Wolf Species Report

Grey Wolf

Canis lupus

An icon of the Canadian wilderness, the grey wolf resides in much of the northern hemisphere and goes by many names; grey wolf, Arctic wolf, common wolf, Mexican wolf, plains wolf, timber wolf, and tundra wolf. The largest member of the canine family, the grey wolf (Canis lupus) is an apex predator and well adapted to survive and hunt in its environment.


While the name grey wolf suggests a grey colour, there is great variation to this general observation. With a light yellow base coat interspersed among whites, greys, blacks, and sometimes tans or browns, these wolves range in overall colour from almost pure white to jet black and all shades in between. Wolves in the Arctic tend to resemble their environment with a mostly white coat, whereas wolves in a highly forested area tend to blend into their environment with a grizzled grey-brown or black coat…

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