Grizzly Bear

Ursus arctos

The grizzly bear is an iconic mammal found across the northern hemisphere in areas of pristine wilderness. Grizzly bear are often referred to by several names depending on location and these can include brown bear, silvertip bear, and Kodiak bear. However they are all one species. The grizzly, though often maligned and misunderstood, is actually an intelligent, tolerant and powerful animal.


Grizzly bears are among the largest land carnivores in the world, exceeded only by the polar bear. Males are 38% larger than females and typically reach a weight of 750-850 pounds depending on where they live. The heaviest recorded grizzly was 1,500 pounds found on Kodiak island, Alaska. Grizzlies grow to an average size of 4 feet to the top of their shoulders when on all fours and can stretch nearly 10 feet when standing…

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