Martes americana

The American marten is a North American member of the family Mustelidae, sometimes referred to as the pine marten. The name “pine marten” is derived from the common but distinct Eurasian species of Martes.


The American marten is a small tree-dwelling (arboreal) carnivore of the mustelid family. This family is highly diverse and includes such species as wolverine, badgers, weasels, otters and skunk. It is about half the size of a house cat, but with the shorter legs and long supple body typical of the weasel family. It has a slender body with a small pointed muzzle, prominent ears, and a thick, bushy tail. The basic body colour of most martens is a shade of brown, but there is considerable variation both within and between geographical areas, with a range from pale blonde through yellows, tans, reds, greys, and dark browns to nearly black…

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