Mountain Goat

Oreamnos americanus

The mountain goat is a hoofed, even-toed mammal of the order Artiodactyla, which includes species such as cattle, deer, antelope, camels, sheep, giraffes, and hippopotamuses. While not a true goat, it is goat-like in appearance and it is the only North American representative of a tribe whose ancestry can be traced to old world European sheep and goats. It is a prevalent species in British Columbia and can often be seen along roadsides within the Rocky Mountains.


The mountain goat is a striking and unique-looking animal. It has a pure white coat ending in long hairs on the legs, which gives it the appearance of wearing shaggy pants. A crest of long hair runs from the neck and shoulders along the spine to the rump and ends in a short tail. The mountain goat’s coat is made up of a dense undercoat which is about 5cm (2 inches) in length and coarse outer hairs which are about 20cm (8 inches) long…

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