Snowshoe Hare

Lepus americanus

The snowshoe hare, also known as the “varying hare,” is a remarkable species that is able to change its appearance in order to camouflage itself in each season. They have a fairly short life span and have a low chance of survival after birth and so make the most of their life by maturing quickly, and having multiple litters every year during breeding season. Found only in North America, the animal lives in a variety of habitats, but has a common preference for adequate cover. Although they live amongst other snowshoe hares, they are very independent and extremely agile.


The snowshoe hare is a species that is well suited to be able to detect predators, get around in the snow, and is able to camouflage itself in every season. The animal undergoes moulting in order to change its fur from white with black tipped ears in the winter, to a mixed brown and white coat in the spring and fall, and a brown outer coat and white undercoat including white fur on the bottom of its feet in the summer…

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