Spotted Bat

Euderma maculatum

It is unlikely, even if you look for one, that you will ever see a spotted bat in the wild. An inhabitant of remote, arid regions in western North America, the spotted bat is a rare, shy mammal that rarely comes into contact with humans, because of its nocturnal hunting practices and its roosting areas. It hunts its prey (flying insects especially moths) in complete darkness over forests, marshes, and fields, and during the day roosts in narrow rock crevices on sheer vertical cliffs or canyon walls.


If you did happen to be lucky enough to see a spotted bat, you might be amazed at what you saw. It has enormous pinkish grey ears, reputedly the largest of any bats in North America. They are about 4 cm long, or one third of its total body length. They are textured by numerous “ribs.” This bat gets its name from the jet-black fur on its back marked by three large white spots, located on each shoulder and on its rump…

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