Tiger Salamander Species Report

Tiger Salamander

Ambystoma tigrinum

The tiger salamander is a small species of salamander, found inhabiting wetland habitats across North America. The tiger salamander can be easily distinguished from other species of salamander by the dark-coloured markings on their skin. An adult tiger salamander is rarely seen out in the open as they spend their lives in burrows about half a metre into the ground. Most adult tiger salamanders live in their burrows on the land, only returning to the water to mate.


The adult tiger salamander is a thick-bodied creature generally with yellow blotches or spots against a black background. Once in a while there will be one with blotches that are tan or olive green in colour. The spots or blotches are never in any set shape, size or position. Actually you may even be able to tell its origin by the colour and pattern of the background and/or spots…

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