Townsend’s Mole

Scapanus townsendii

Townsend’s Mole has the scientific name Scapanus townsendii. It is a mole that belongs to the Family Talpidae. Townsend’s Moles are the largest and heaviest North American talpids. They are terrestrial mammals with strong claws that enable them to burrow extensive tunnel systems. A small population of Townsend’s Moles live in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia. These moles are endangered.


The Townsend’s mole has a body in the shape of a cylinder. Their bodies are covered in dark grey or black, short, soft fur. Adult moles grow between 179 mm (7.04 inches) and 237 mm (9.33 inches) in length. Male moles grow to an average weight of 142 grams (5.68 ounces) and female moles grow to an average weight of 119 grams (4.76 ounces)…

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