NWPS says goodbye to volunteer from Japan

NWPS Associate Haruna

For the past three weeks, NWPS has had lots of extra help around the office all thanks to Haruna, a volunteer that came to us all the way from Japan! Today was her last day with us, she’ll be flying back to Japan tomorrow morning. We’ll miss having her around the office!

We are so thankful that Haruna came and helped with office administration, which is pivotal for our organization to function. She also lent Darren a hand during one of the Indoor Wildlife Workshops.

We are so grateful to Red Leaf Canada for pairing Haruna with us. Red Leaf Canada helps international students connect to volunteer and internship positions in Canada.

Here’s what Haruna had to say about her experience with NWPS:

“My name is Haruna Habu. I am from  Kagoshima, Japan.

I have two reasons for why I came to Vancouver.  First, I came to this city to study English. And I have heard from my aunt that this city is a good city to live for foreigners.  She has been a few years ago in Canada. So, I would like to come here.

I found out about NWPS and other association from a briefing in my college. Because I am interested in environmental protection, I came here.

I am a student at Nara Women University. We can study various fields at this college. My major is Japanese literature and history, but in addition, I like natural science. My hometown is a land where is roved in verdure, so I have liked nature since my childhood.

When I came to Vancouver, I noticed some differences between this town and Japan. For example, this country’s vegetation, inhabitant, and the weather differ from my country. It was fresh for me. I knew this country has a lot of beautiful coniferous forest. I was surprised to hear that there are grizzly bears. I would like to study an ecosystem of Canada.

It was very worthwhile and interesting for me to go to a library with Darren, and hold a wildlife presentation for children.”

Thank you so much for all of your help, Haruna!

If you or someone you know may be interested in volunteering with us, please visit https://northwestwildlife.com/volunteer/ for more information.

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