NWPS Welcomes New Winter Co-op Student

Last week, NWPS welcomed our new winter co-op student: Leanne Jennings from Kitchener, Ontario. Thanks to the funding from ECO Canada‘s Student Work-Integrated Learning Program (SWILP), we were able to offer her a paid co-op position until the end of April. She will be working as our Outreach Assistant.

Leanne is currently working towards getting her diploma in Restoration of Natural Systems from the University of Victoria. Her past six summers were spent planting trees in northern British Columbia, where she was able to come across many of the amazing animals we have here in BC.

Leanne says:

“I am so excited about working with NWPS this winter and getting familiar with Vancouver. I have spent many summers in northern BC as a tree planter, and having come across so many animals there made me want to do my part to help protect them.  I have wanted to work for a non-profit organization for a while now, and this is the perfect opportunity for me to see how NGO’s operate. I have only been here for a few days now, but can already tell I’m going to love it here!”

If you would like to volunteer/intern/work with us, please email execdirector@northwestwildlife.com.

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