NWPS Welcomes Volunteer from England

NWPS would like to introduce our newest volunteer: Eva Kwatek.

Eva joined our team in August to help out with community outreach and education programs thanks to support from Internex, an international exchange program.

Eva is a BA German student at Cardiff University in the United Kingdom. She brings with her a great range of communications skills to help us engage with local communities about wildlife preservation.

Here is what Eva has to say:

“I am very excited to be spending my first visit outside of Europe with NWPS, an organisation with a cause that is close to my heart. Having grown up in a forest area for most of my life in the United Kingdom, I have always appreciated nature and wildlife, and its preservation is an important matter to me. With my degree being in languages, naturally I am also very interested in communication and interaction with, and within, the community, especially in such a diverse area like Vancouver, thus I am looking forward to sharing my skills and knowledge in languages and communication with the organisation to help people to connect with nature. Having had previous experience of public outreach and fundraising I would really like to get involved with some of the events and programmes that NWPS have on this summer, and although I am only here for a short time I will help in any way that I can to aid the protection and preservation of the beautiful wildlife that you have here in British Columbia.”

Learn more about volunteering with Northwest Wildlife at https://northwestwildlife.com/volunteer/

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